Beyond Goal-Rationality: Traditional Action Can Promote Goal-Achievement in Socially Situated Agents

It was a pleasure to speak at the Workshop on Evolution of Human Behaviour, at ALife 2019; the extended abstract below explores the impact of social action on the stability of learning and evolution in multi-agent systems.


Chloe M. Barnes, Anikó Ekárt and Peter R. Lewis

Workshop Details

2019 Workshop on Evolution of Human Behaviour. ALife 2019.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, United Kingdom.

29th July 2019.


In this talk, we will explore the impact of purely goal-rational action on systems that are socially-situated, demonstrating that this can lead to instability in co-evolutionary learning. We will then show that by complementing goal-rational action with traditional action, more stable dynamics can be observed. We operationalise traditional action in this context as acting in a similar way to the rest of the population.